Karsaz Trust

Services without discrimination 


Services without discrimination is the mission of Karsaz Trust (since 1989); a non-profit organization based in Pakistan. The Karsaz Trust offer services in following domains:

1. Health
2. Education 
3. Women Development
4. Infrastructure Projects
5. Emergency Relief

Karsaz Trust is working nationwide; from shores of Karachi to peaks of our Northern Areas. The key to reach out those remotest areas is, Karsaz Trust engagement with local communities and get them trained over years to identify areas of improvement and bring in suggestions and ideas. This boosts sense of ownership and commitment to welfare programs. 

The late Founder Chairman, Mr. Akhlaq Ahmed, was amongst very few, who reached out to those remote areas, initially with aim to arrange free-of-cost, medical camps and food supplies. The initiative was followed after his repeated visits to see sufferings of local communities and lacking of health services. Today, this is one of the most recognized and organized segment of Karsaz Trust and is now reaching to other areas of Pakistan.

Recently Karsaz Trust has developed a dispensary and medical center in Taiser Town, New Lyari Resettlement Site (aka Khuda Ki Basti).

Education is the second most priority on Karsaz Trust welfare services. KT has various schools running in up-north and an only school of its nature in Karachi named as Darul Shafaqat. Darul Shafaqat is aimed to foster orphans and provide best education from junior school to college degree.

A plan of another school of similar attributes is in projects pipeline. 
"We have already sold our lives for eternal peace"
Akhlaq Ahmed

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Imagine a patient starts walking, a child’s future is saved, a woman gets her right and an old man treated well. Imagine clean water, medicine and food for those who are needy and looking for help. With your support its possible.